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LEGO Volkswagen Beetle 10252 Stop-Motion Build LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
Who doesn’t love playing with LEGO bricks? You watched us rebuild the engine out of our our real-life 1973 Volkswagen Beetle a few weeks ago. Now, we’re shrinking things to bring you a VW stop-motion/time-lapse build with every kid’s (and ...
VW America History Footage LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
Formed in October 1955 in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, to standardize dealership service in the United States, it grew to 909 Volkswagen dealers in the US by 1965 under the leadership of Dr. Carl Hahn. Under him and his successor ...
Vintage VW's in convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf Germany 2005
Aaron Pritchett - "VW Bus" - Official Lyric Video LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
Aaron Pritchett's "VW Bus" Official Lyric Video from his June 2016 album "The Score"

Download "VW Bus" on iTunes Canada at:

with Aaron at:
From VW Beetle to Beach Buggy (part two) - Wheeler Dealers LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
Watch the second part of the transformation from Rust Bug to Beach Bug.

(from Wheeler Dealers series 2)
For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just head to: http://www.youtube.com/WheelerDealersTV

to Wheeler Dealers TV: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=WheelerDealersTV
From VW Beetle to Beach Buggy (part one) - Wheeler Dealers LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
Mike has brought an old VW beetle to the workshop and Ed starts the incredible transformation from Rust Bug to Beach Bug.

Stay tuned for part two.

From Wheeler Dealers series 2.

For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just ...
Fast Time at Ridgemont High VW Bus - A walk around the Spicoli Bus :) LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
Skinner Classics brought back the ORIGINAL Fast Time at Ridgemont High Bus and we were there to witness the unveiling! Did we recreate the famous scene with the gang at Skinner's?? What happens in the bus stays in the bus! ...
Manx In The Middle Photo Op LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
The Manx In the Middle and Bruce Meyers stopped by Malcolm W Martin Memorial Park for a photo op with the Gateway Arch.
Bruce Meyers discusses the first Meyers Manx and world's first fiberglass dune buggy, "Old Red". In addition to it celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014, "Old Red" becomes the second vehicle to be listed on the National Historic Vehicle Register ...
Manx 50 Years in 5 Minutes LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
Thanx to Manx

History makers aren’t always aware of the greatness of their moments while living in them. Bruce Meyers is one of these people. The father of theretofore unknown automotive recreation industries, some of his offspring grew up to ...
VW Parade 2015, Eureka Springs, AR LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
One of many parades and shows at Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Buggy turn signal alarm LINK TO ORIGINAL POST
I constantly forget to turn off the turn signals on my buggy. It's not only annoying it's dangerous. I almost got hit because a guy thought I was turning so he pulled out in front of me. So I decided ...
Funfest for Air-Cooled VW 2015 Highlights LINK TO ORIGINAL POST

for Air-Cooled VW: Cars & Stars delivered legendary stars like Bruce Meyers, creator of the Meyers Manx Dune Buggy, Tory Alonzo, producer of the upcoming Bug Movie, and Volkswagens as far as the eye could see.

Thanks to ...

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